Cyber in Sophia Antipolis 2023 - Program

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Keynotes talks

Davide Balzarotti (EURECOM)

Memory Forensics: Current Practices and Future Directions

Sebastien Bardin (CEA)

Five shades of symbolic execution for vulnerability hunting

Mathy Vanhoef (KU Leuven)

Recent Wi-Fi attacks and defenses: general lessons learned and open problems

Olivier Thomas (Texplained)

All you want to know about integrated circuit reverse-engineering

Daniel Gruss (Graz University of Technology)

Microarchitectural Side-Channel and Fault Attacks


Daniele Antonioli (EURECOM)

Bluetooth security

Andrea Fioraldi (EURECOM)

Unraveling the Challenges of Modern Fuzzing

Advancements in Research and Engineering

Romain Cayre (EURECOM)

A practical overview of 802.15.4 and ZigBee security



Adrian Dabrowski (CISPA)

Mobile network security (TBC)

Noémie Véron, Marcel Moritz (Université de Lille, CERAPS)

Legal issues in exploiting vulnerabilities. Examples of intelligence services and the Ex-files project.

Anil Kurmus (IBM Zurich)

Automated kernel exploitation (title TBC)