I am currently a PhD student in the Software and Systems Security group of Eurecom, under the supervision of Aurélien Francillon. During my PhD, my will investigate the unsolved scientific and technical challenges of IoT devices security inside 5G networks through side-channel analysis.

Previously, I have obtained a Double Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) (France) and Institut des Sciences et Techniques des Yvelines (ISTY) (France) in 2020. I had the opportunity to do 3 internship. 2 in high-performance computing, at Exascale Computing Research and ATOS (France), addressing low-level problems and performance optimization/energy saving. The last one was in security at IRISA (France), studying transient execution attack and their simulation.

My research interests include abstraction barriers between hardware/radio and software security. I like to go deeper in layers of abstraction until understanding how a system work as precisely as possible.

When I'm not on a computer topic, I like to read science and philosophy (ethic is a fascinating subject), I enjoy to practice different mountain sports (in somewhat a wild manner), to discover and listen music (the most beautiful art, isn't it?), and a bunch of other little things.


Pierre Ayoub, Clémentine Maurice
14th European Workshop on Systems Security (EuroSec'21, co-located with EuroSys'21), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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