Soumaya Boussaha


I am a PhD researcher at SAP Labs' Security Research Team, based in Mougins, southern France. I am supervised by Danieli Antonioli and Aurelien Francillon. As a cybersecurity enthusiast and privacy advocate, my main research area focuses on privacy challenges that arise in the web and specifically in IoT. I specialize in investigating fingerprinting methods on the web and studying the IoT aspect through the use case of electric car charging ecosystems. In addition, I employ dynamic flow tracking methods, such as tainting, as a tool in my research to trace privacy-sensitive flows. Consequently, as part of my PhD, I also strive to enhance dynamic taint tracking solutions.




Campus SophiaTech,
450 Route des Chappes, 06410 Biot FRANCE
Office: security Departement

SAP LABS Mougins
805 av Doct Maurice Donat, 06250 Mougins ·br> Office: Security Reasearch