I'm an associate professor (PR2) in the networking and security department at EURECOM. Prior to that, I obtained a PhD from INRIA Grenoble and then spent 2 years as a postdoctoral researcher in the System Security Group at ETH Zurich.

My research interests are in security of embedded systems as well as software security and telecom fraud.

Aurélien Francillon


I'm the official advisor of:         I'm the official of:
  • Marius Muench (with D. Balzarotti)
  • Nassim Corteggiani (CIFRE @Maximintegrated)
  • Giovanni Camurati
  • Sebastian Pöplau
  • Andrea Possemato (with Y. Fratantonio)
  • Elias Boutaleb (Research Engineer)
  • Paul Olivier

Former students/Engineers

  • Samuele Aicardi, Research Engineer (2018)
  • Merve Sahin, PhD 2017, Post-Doc 2018, now at SAP Labs
  • Florian Lugou, PhD 2018 (Co-advised with Ludovic Apvrille), now at Prove&Run
  • Tom Hayes Research Engineer (formerly Post-Master Thesis)
  • Dario Nisi, Ms Thesis, then Research Engineer (2017), now PhD student with Yanick Fratantonio
  • Jagdish Achara, PhD 2016 (Co-advised with Vincent Roca, @Inria Grenoble), Now Post-Doc at EPFL
  • Clémentine Maurice , PhD 2015 (Cifre @Technicolor), Now "Chargée de Recherche" CNRS
  • Jonas Zaddach, PhD 2015 (Co-advised with D. Balzarotti), now at Cisco (Talos group)
  • Andrei Costin, PhD 2015, now Assistant professor Jyväskylän University, Finland
  • Luca Bruno Research Engineer (2013-2014), now Engineer at CoreOS (RedHat)
  • Sandeep Nuckchady Research Engineer,2014

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mail: aurelien.francillon@eurecom.fr
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Aurélien Francillon